A fighter from My country – He never give up his duty despite his injury

Yahya Al-hawaywi , one of the pioneering fighter, joined the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF in the city of al-Tabqa . He served in the al-Tabqa Milirary Council, in a time ISIS was almost arrived to the city outskirts.
In 2017 when SDF started the Operation Euphrates Wrath to liberate The whole Euphrates regions, including al-Tabqa city, and freeing its people from the terrorism of ISIS, Yahya participated in the liberating operation of his city al-Taqa and continued the fight with his comrades to liberate Raqqa and Deir Ezzor as well.
Unfortunately, Yahya was seriously injured during on of the heroic battles against ISIS.
Yahya was back to the front line despite the wound that had clear impact in his leg that will accompany him forever.
He is always full of energy and vitality since he never was absent from all liberating battles that SDF launched.
Now, Yahya is still serving at the al-Tabqa Military Council, performing his duties despite his injury.

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