Arab and Kurdish Clans are condemning the Turkish Settlement Project

Arabs and Kurdish clans, SDC, and AANES Associations participated on Wednesday, in a sit-in against the Turkish new project that aims at building settlements in the occupied areas to repatriate the Syrian refugees. The sit-in took place in the al-Khabour park in al-Hasaka city.
The clans have issued a statement to the public opinion, read by Awad al-Okal, the sheik of al-Bakara clan in al-Hasaka.
The statement reads: “ We are the tribal leaders of the al-Jazeera clans, as we look forward to living freely with dignity, fighting terrorism, enhancing safety and security situation in our regions, and exerting efforts to find a political solution to the Syrian crisis; the Turkish occupying state and its mercenaries are targeting the towns and villages to displace the civilians from their villages and towns, evicting the areas from their its indigenous people, achieving the demographic change by building settlements in the occupied areas.
The statement continued: “ We condemn and deplore the international silence regarding the Turkish occupying activities on the Syrian occupies areas.
The Statement asked the UN and the Security Council to put an end to the aggressions and policies of the Turkish occupying State aiming at achieving the demographic change and building settlements. The Statement called on the Arab League to take a stance against Qatar and Kuwait who are supporting and financing this project, considering that finance and support is a crime against the Syrian people.


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