Mock Battles in the Occupied Afrin

Pro Turkish mercenaries Media published footages of military mobilizations in Jandairis by the Turkish-backed militia claiming that these mobilizations are to confront potential attack or incursion by the HTS militia in the Afrin. These Media are trying to create unclean scenes about the security situation in that occupied area.
Leaked information from cooperation sources confirms that the terrorists of the HTS and The Guardians of Religion have been stationing in areas south of Afrin for a long time, and they have been reinforced by hundreds of terrorists in the past days following an agreement sponsored by the Turkish intelligence in the city of Sarmada, Idlib. Those mobilizations promoted by pro mercenary Media are no more than overt mock and bidding battles, especially with no difference in the practices of Turkish-backed mercenary factions.
SDF Media Center
May 27, 2022

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