Tal Brak Military Council holds a meeting with the local tribal leaders

On  May 11, the Military Council of Tal Brak organized a meeting with tribal notables in order to discuss the political, military and living situation in the region.
The meeting was attended by Hussain Salmo , the commander of Al Jazeera Military Council, tribal Sheikhs, and a member of internal security forces .
The meeting discussed the latest developments in the regions and concluded with a statement released by the local tribal leaders to the public opinion, the statement reads: 
” We are the notables in Al Jazeera regions , Tal Brak , Tal Hamis , Al Hol along with our military forces and all social components including Arabs , Kurds , Assyrians , We confirm that we would never allow any external or internal interferes to impede the achievements and values of our people after the sacrifices it made” .
The statement added ” Today we are here to stand united in support of the Autonomous Administration in NE Syria including its military and civil institutions.”
The statement has condemned Turkey and its mercenaries ongoing attacks against Syria in general and particularly on the region of NE Syria , and its attempts to invade and occupy more territories in North and West of Syria .
The statement has stressed that the SDF was the only forces which was able to defeat the most dangerous terrorist organization ( ISIS) , when the world was unable to confront it .
At the end , the Statement appealed to the UN , international community and the Coalition to support SDF and the local Autonomous Administration in NE Syria to be able to stand in the face of the Turkish attacks targeting the  NE Syria.

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