The attack on Karkamish is a false flag operation by Turkey

Statement to the media and public opinion
According to reports published today( May 12) by the Turkish Ministry of Defense, claiming that our forces shelled with mortar shells, the border region of Karkmish on the Turkish side.
We affirm that our forces have nothing to do with the mentioned attack, and the Turkish occupation state is using this fabrication as a false flag operation to launch attacks against the north and eastern regions of Syria.
On the contrary, the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries are intensively targeting the villages of Kobane, Ain Issa, Manbij, and Al-Shahba. More than 29 villages have been bombed since this morning, so, it uses the attack on Karkmish to justify and legitimize their attacks on our areas, and we reconfirm that the attack was plotted by the Turkish occupation army.
This incident is a conspiracy and a plan set up by the Turkish occupation, aimed at further attacks against the north and eastern Syria.
Our people and public opinion should not trust such false news published by the Turkish occupation state.

SDF Media Center
May 12, 2022

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