The Martyr Hiwa Sana Academy opens two commando courses

On Wednesday May25 , the  academy of Martyr Hiwa Sana opened two new military training course for commando forces entitled  Martyrs Azad and Zinar Qamishlo .
The military training course included 200 fighters that will last for 3 months and half  during which the fighters will receive intellectual, cultural and military training
The opening ceremony was attended by a number of Syrian Democratic Forces commanders, along with a large number of fighters .
The ceremony began with a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs, followed by a speech delivered by the leader of the Syrian Democratic Forces, “Brusk Amuda ” in which he stressed the importance of such training courses for SDF fighters to be able to defend their land against all attacks .
The ceremony was ended with the fighters taking the military oath confirming their commitment to abide by the rules of SDF. 

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