The Outcome of Aggressions and Violations by the Turkish occupation against north and eastern Syria during April, 2022

The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries have a long history in violations and aggressions against north and eastern Syria, particularly the daily air and field attacks against the areas located on the lines of contact.  The Turkish occupation has accelerated his aggressions and attacks against the region in an attempt to occupy new areas, taking advantage of the international preoccupation with the new war in Ukraine to impose a new occupying reality.

During last month (April), The Turkish occupation intensified his air attacks and heavy weapons shelling which coincided with the ISIS announcement of the so-called foray of “the revenge for the two Sheiks”. These attacks were accompanied with systematic series of lies, disinformation and fake news by the official Turkish media about the results of these racist attacks, targeting all ethnic and religious component of the region. The systematic targeting of the Assyrian villages in Tal Tamir, the Afrin IDPs in al-Shahbaa, and the civilian homes in Ain Isa and Tal Abyad attest to the Turkish occupation crimes against all peoples.

The Turkish aggressions against the north and eastern Syrian territories reveals the occupation’s sinister purposes, particularly forced displacement of the population, therefore, tens of tons of bombs and shells have landed last month on the civilian farms and houses in Zarkan, Tal Tamir, Ain Isa, Tal Abyad countryside, Manbij, al-Shahbaa, and Kobane, causing huge damages to civilian houses, farms, mosques, schools and water and electricity network, preventing farmers from reaching their farms, and preventing the service repairmen of the Autonomous Administrations from reaching the damaged electricity water network.

The Turkish occupation did not consider the sanctity and the inviolability of the sacred month of Ramadan. The daily shelling on the areas located in the lines of contact and the internal clashes between the mercenaries in the occupies areas make it difficult for the remnant indigenous people to make their livings and intensified their suffering.

The following is the outcome of violations by Turkish occupation and its mercenaries during April, 2022:

  • The number of field attacks using heavy weapons: 595 shells of tank, artillery, and mortar.

  • Air attacks using drones: 13 attacks

  • suicide drone attacks: 02.

  • Guided missile attacks: 03

  • Sniper attacks: 19

  • Other attacks using machine guns( DshK, PKS) 122 times.

  • Amount of bombs and explosives landed on the civilian homes and farms: 23 tons of explosives.

  • Damaged houses: 36 houses.

  • Damaged civil Associations: 03 associations (electricity association, school, water association)

  • The number of civilian martyrs: 02.

  • The number of military martyrs: 05

  • The number of civilian injured: 23 civilians.

The people in north and eastern Syria are looking forward for good news from the human rights organizations and international community to hold Turkey and its mercenaries accountable for the crimes they have committed recently against them and their regions. In addition, the people are waiting for concrete field steps from the international guarantors proving their seriousness and interest in maintaining security and stability in the region, and put pressure on the occupation preventing it from committing more massacre and provocations and forcing it to end the occupation in our areas.

SDF Media Center

May 6, 2022

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