The YPJ Holds its Third Conference in al-Hasaka

The YPJ held yesterday its third conference in al-Hasaka city, under the slogan “The guarantor power of women’s freedom IS  protecting the land and expelling the occupation”
400 YPJ female fighter and leaders from different region of north and eastern Syria including Norouz Ahmed and Sozdar Direk, the member of the SDF General Command, representative of women in the Autonomous Administration Star Conference, Society Protection Units, and representative from the International Coalition, have participated in the conference.
The conference started with a minute of silence of the martyrs’ souls, followed by an opening speech by Norouz Ahmed, the member of the SDF General Command, in which she welcomed all the participants in this conference and congratulated the female fighters and female fighters who sacrificed their lives to liberate north and eastern Syria from terrorism. “ On this occasion, we recall all our female fighters who sacrificed their lives for freedom…..women in north and eastern Syria and particularly in the YPJ have become an example to be emulated by the world at large. They proved their ability to lead the revolutions and to defend the values of their revolution, adding a new meaning to resistance” she said.
Ahmed noted that The YPJ should increase the level of military and ideology training to keep up with and to respond to the military and political developments in the our region.
Ahmed underscored the importance of raising awareness in all military and civil associations in north and eastern Syria, expanding these association to cover the middle east and the world at large, empowering the military forces of women, and encouraging women to join them. She also underscored the need to embed the concept of Self-protection and aware the society and urging it to adapt the principle of “The revolutionary war of people” to be able to protect itself and maintain the gains of women in the first place and the gains of region’s people.
Ahmed concluded her speech by asking women to escalate their struggle to liberate the occupied areas.
The conference will last for two days during which the YPJ will recite its annual reports, discuss the regulatory and political situation, reviewing and modifying its rules of procedure, and then issuing resolutions and recommendations.
It is noteworthy that The YPJ was established on April 4, 2013, and that was announced in its first constituent conference.

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