Turkey is establishing a black belt in the occupied areas

Numerous reports from cooperative sources confirm that the terrorist organization of The Guardians of Religion (Hurras al-Din) is stationing in the villages of Kabbasin and Basuta, southern countryside of Afrin, and in several points in the southern lines of contact, in parallel with the removal of The Sham Legion (Failq al-Sham) militia from those villages by Turkish occupation intelligence.
The very sources also confirmed that more than 300 mercenaries of (HTS) are stationing in the villages of Favertin and Bazira, beside their former positioning in the villages of Basofan and al-Sheikh Akeel, southern countryside of Afrin. This comes as a result of a meeting between the leaders of the Turkish-backed militia and the Turkish Occupation in the city of Sarmada, Idlib. The two sides agreed to reposition the (HTS) mercenaries on the frontlines in the north and eastern countryside of Aleppo and facilitate their movements in the occupied areas of Afrin, Al-Bab, and Jarablus.
The new distribution of terrorist factions, primarily (Hurras al-Din – HTS) is part of a Turkish plot to establish a black belt of terrorist organizations in the lines of contact starting from the southern countryside of Afrin to the axis of Manbij and western countryside of Kobane to use these terrorists in any potential aggression.
However, the killing of ISIS leaders (Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Abu Ibrahim al-Quraishi) in the Turkish-occupied areas and the public presence of terrorist and criminal factions like (Ahrar al-Sharqiya) and others, confirm that Turkey has transformed the occupied areas into a safe environment for terrorist and criminal organizations, that require rapid international action to prevent them from receiving further training and funds and recruiting terrorists to be deployed outside Syria.

SDF Media Center
May 25, 2022

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