Martyrs’ Families Council in Raqqa recalls the Raqqa Martyrs

Martyrs Families Council in the city of Raqqa has organized on June

20th a memorial ceremony for number of Martyrs who were martyred in the battles of liberation against ISIS terrorism.

The memorial ceremony was attended by SDF military figures, members of Martyrs’ Families Foundation and civil society institutions who started the ceremony with a minute of silence in tribute for the souls of the martyrs.

Ahmed Othman , member of Raqqa military council delivered a speech in which he welcomed all attendees and paid tribute to all SDF martyrs.

Othman pledged the Families of the Martyrs to continue the struggle of their sons and achieve the goals for which they were martyred.
At the end , Families of the Martyrs lit candles of remembrance, loyalty and pride in front of portraits of their sons.

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