SDF field commander vows to defend NE Syria at all costs against the Turkish occupation continues threats

The Syrian Democratic Forces field commander Ardal Kobani said on Saturday 11 June that the Turkish occupation state has increasingly escalated its statements to launch a new military invasion against the region of NE Syria

“Turkish occupation state has intensified statements that reflects its intentions to occupy new areas in NE Syria under the pretext to establish so_ called Safe Zone “.  Ardal Kobani said .

The SDF field commander pointed out that Turkish occupation state along with its Syrian mercenaries groups trying to expand what Turkey claims as Safe Zone , after occupying Afrin, Idlib, Al-Bab ,Jarablus and Ras-Al ain in previous military incursion that led to the displacement of thousands of the indigenous population so far .

“Turkish occupation state is no longer able to convince anyone regarding claims to create so-called Safe Zone , since the Syrian areas that Turkey already occupied have been witnessing on daily basis terrorist bombings, kidnappings,  killings, looting and destruction of infrastructure,  in addition to repeated infighting among Turkish-backed mercenaries groups over stolen stuff and properties of the indigenous people ” .  Kobani added

Furthermore,  he said that the Turkish occupation alleged Safe Zone is a fake one , and not more than plans to expand occupation territories in Syria , adding that Turkey has increased shelling on areas across the front line targeting civilians in the city of Ain Issa repeatedly,, as well the M4 international road resulting in civilian casualties

Kobani has strongly slammed the silence of the guarantor powers operating in the region over Turkish continues violation to the ceasefire agreements stressing that the SDF has the full legitimacy to defend the region of NE Syria and the entire Syrian territories

“Since the start of the Syrian revolution,  the multi-ethnic forces of SDF has proven its worth and national affiliation through the long struggle against ISIS,  where SDF has sacrificed 12 thousands martyrs and nearly 24 wounded in defending the people of the region ”  SDF commander said.

Kobani confirmed that if Turkish occupation state launch an invasion against NE Syria region, the attack would be confronted with a strong response and comprehensive resistance from all people of NE Syria and the battlefield would turn to a graveyard for the attackers.

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