SDF’s Military Relations holds a reconciliation between two families of the same clan in al-Hasakah  

 On June 3, a reconciliation was held between two families from the clan of Albu Ma’ish.

The reconciliation was attended by the SDF’s Office of Military Relations, members of Internal Security Forces (Asayish), in addition to the sheikhs and dignitaries from (Raqqa, Deir Ezzor, Al-Hasakah, and Qamishli).

 Hachim Al-Bashir, the sheikh of the Al-Bagara clan, spoke at the reconciliation session, and confirmed that “Reconciliation prevails in judgment”, and he commended the role of everyone who contributed to the peace agreement

Members of the two families shook hands according to the social customs to be a sign of reconciliation and an end to the dispute between them.

 It is worth mentioning that the dispute between the two families of the same clan was occurred two years ago, in which 4 people were killed.

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