The First book exhibition in Raqqa since ISIS defeat

The culture body of the Autonomous Administration of NE Syria has organized on Saturday 18 June a books exhibition in Raqqa city as first of its kind after the city was liberated from ISIS by the Syrian Democratic Forces .

29 publishing houses have participated in the exhibition which includes roughly 20 thousands books and 5000 titles that have been written in diffrent languages of the people of NE Syria .

The exhibition that would last for 3 days has displayed cultural, literature, science, history political economic and social books .
Raqqa city was so rich of its culture, literature and the large number of writers , however the city was taken over by ISIS for almost 4 years which had spread the policy of intimidation and crackdown .
Following its control over the city in 2014, the terrorist organization ISIS imposed its brutal interpretation of Islam , where it burned all libraries and cultural centers, moreover, banned writers and intellectuals to open literature centers in the city and organize any cultural activities .

After Raqqa was liberated from ISIS by the Syrian Democratic Forces, security and stability was back to the city , as a result culture and literature was returned to the city so far , where cultural activities have been organized, as well as writers and intellectuals of Raqqa started to re-open libraries and cultural centers.

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