The Martyr “Adnan Abu Amjad” Academy graduates four military courses

The Martyr “Adnan Abu Amjad” Academy graduated four military courses, which included 190 fighters from different regions of northern and eastern Syria.

The four military courses were named after 4 SDF martyrs, where each course was specialized in certain military training on leadership, snipers , heavy weapons and combing operations.
The military courses were lasted for 3 months in which all fighters have received political lessons and intensive military training.

The graduation ceremony which started with a minute of silence in tribute to the souls of the martyrs was attended by the leadership of Euphrates region , Raqqa military council, and civil institutions of the Autonomous Administration of NE Syria .
The spokesman of the Manbij Military Council Shervan Derwish deliver a speech and congratulated all fighters for the graduation and added ” there must be heroes who can say we are ready to sacrifice”
” Today we are celebrating the finish of the 4 military course that we have learned a lot from it , however we still have a lot to do , don’t underestimate yourselves or what you have learned, because there is a people and homeland and you are the only hope for them” Derwish said.
The spokesman concluded his speech by stressing ” we need to liberate the occupied areas, as we were able to defeat ISIS by sacrificing thousands of martyrs to maintain security and stability for the region “

The graduation ceremony was ended with all fighters taking the military oath and pledging to walk on the path of their martyrs and liberate all occupied lands.

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