The outcome of violations by the Turkish occupation during the first half of June

The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries continue the violations against the north and eastern Syria, targeting the villages and towns with heavy artillery, tanks, drones, in addition to failed infiltration attempts thwarted by our force on the frontline’s posts. Most of these civilian areas are covered by the Ceasefire Agreements signed by the Turkish occupying Power, the United States and Russia in October 2019.

During the first half of June, the following violations were recorded:

1- The Turkish occupation drones violated the airspace of north and eastern Syrian 35 times, targeting a civilian building in Qamishlo.

2- The Turkish occupation bombed the populated areas with 982 shells using heavy artillery, Opis, and internationally prohibited cluster bombs.

3- Targeted dozens of villages in the Tal Tamir such as (Zarkan, the Assyrian villages of Tal Shanan, and Tal Juma, Tal Taweel) using artillery and missiles, targeting the church of Marsawa al-Hakim.

4- The village of Um al-Kaif was targeted with 150 heavy artillery shells/Opis.

5- In the village of Qasir Deep, the crops were set on fire, threatening food security in the area.

6- Ain Issa and its eastern and western countryside were bombed with 324 shells of artillery, missile, Opis, and mortar. In addition to sniping civilians in the town’s center, terrorizing them, and forcing them into the displacement. And targeted civilian vehicles on the International Road (M4).

7 – The northwestern countryside of Manbij was targeted intensively and systematically with 365 shells, targeting the infrastructure such as the communication towers, the worship places, and civilian homes.

8- The Shahba areas (the northern countryside of Aleppo) and the areas of Shira/Sharran and Shirawa (the southern countryside of Afrin) were targeted with 141 artillery and missile shells. Targeting directly with a suicide drone a medical centre in the town of Tal Refat. Bombing the civilians homes, resulting in civilian casualties and causing material losses to their property ( a shepherd and his livestock were targeted in the village of Tennab, the Shirawa district.

9 – The settlement projects continue in several areas of the occupied Afrin for the settlement of mercenaries and their families, such as the settlement built in the western Shiah/Sheikh Al-Hadid district, funded by the Qatari “Sham” Association affiliated with the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood.

These violations and terrorist practices (bombing populated areas, looting, robbery, kidnapping, and archaeological theft) by the Turkish occupation aim at forcing the original inhabitants into displacement to achieve the project of the demographic change. Since its policy of Turkification in the occupied areas has not stopped for a moment, raising Turkish flags and photographs over formal institutions and buildings in the occupied areas, replacing the names of the towns, villages, and the public squares with Turkish ones that have nothing to do with the region’s culture. The most heinous violations happened and are still in Afrin amid suspicious silence by international actors in the Syrian crisis, humanitarian organizations, and the United Nations.

SDF Media Center

June 17, 2022


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