Thousands of NE Syria people bid farewell to the Martyr Farhad Shibli

Thousands of people from NE Syria Participated yesterday in the funeral ceremony of the Martyr Farhad Shibli, the deputy of the joint presidency of the AANES’s Executive Council. The funeral ceremony was attended by representatives from the Military Forces, Civil institutions, political parties, Martyrs’ Families, and Tribal leaders, and it took place in the Martyr Khabat cemetery, Derek town, Qamishlo.
The funeral ceremony started with a minute of silence for the martyrs’ souls, followed by a speeches delivered by Heval Noury Mahmoud, the spokesperson of the YPG, and Mr. Abed Hamid al-Muhbash, The joint president of the AANES’ Executive  Council.
Heval Mahmoud highlighted in his speech the achievements done by the martyr Farhad in NE Syria, and he promised to follow the martyr path to achieve the democratic pluralist Syria.
Mr. al-Muhbash extended his heartfelt condolences on behalf of the AANES to the martyr family and the people of NE Syria, and he noted that the martyr Farhad has planted the feeling of victory among the people of the NE Syria.
al-Muhbash condemned the cowardice assassination of the martyr Farhd, calling on the international community and the human rights organizations to put an end to these criminal acts by the Turkish occupation, and he calls on the government of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region to clarify their stance on this crime taken place on its territory.

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