AL-Hasakah residents participate in the funeral ceremony of two SDF fighters

Hundreds of AL-Hasakah people have participated on Tuesday 26 July in the funeral ceremony of 2 SDF fighter to bid farewell and pay the last respects to the martyrs Mohammed AL-Omeiri and Hasan Ibrahim.
Military forces of SDF, representatives of civil institutions and members of Martyrs Family Foundation were participated in the funeral ceremony which started with a minute of silence in tribute to the souls of the martyrs , followed by a speech delivered by Abd AL-Hamid AL-Satar who offered condolence to the families of the martyrs and confirmed to continue the struggle on path of the martyrs for liberating the occupied areas.
Moreover, Salman Nuho has made a speech where he clarified that the two martyrs have sacrificed the most precious for the sake of their people’s freedom and dignity.
At the end, documents of the two martyrs were read and given to their families , then body of Mohammed AL-Omiri was buried in his hometown Til temer , while martyrs Ibrahim was buried in the cemetery of Martyr Dijwar – AL-Hasakah city.


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