AL-Jazeera Military Council holds a meeting with the tribal leaders to discuss Turkish occupation continues threats

The military council of AL-Jazeera region held a mass meeting on Tuesday 26 July with Sheikhes and dignitaries of the region to discuss Turkish occupation repeated threats against the region of North and West of Syria .
the meeting was attended by Sheikhes of Arab tribes , representatives of political parties and members of SDF relations office .

Hussain Salmo , member of AL-Jazeera military council delivered a speech where he explained the recent developments regarding Turkish occupation threats against the region , and confirmed the SDF’S full readiness in terms of military training and plans to thwart any Turkish occupation possible attacks , in addition to liberate the occupied areas by Turkey and its mercenaries .
“we are always ready to protect the region , we would offer as much efforts as possible to protect the people and region ” Salmo said .
On the other hand, Akrem Mahshoush , member of AL-Jazeera council for dignitaries said that the entire communities of the region including men and women . must stand by the SDF to repel any Turkish occupation attack against the region .
” unfortunately Turkey fighting us using Syrians to create the alleged safe zone and then occupy it under the pretext of securing its border ” Mahshoush said .
At the end of the meeting , a statement was released by chiefs of the tribes where they confirmed their absolute support to the SDF , and condemned the international community, in addition to US. And Russia for being silence over Turkey’s violation against the region of North and West Syria .
“Turkey continues threats, attacks and violations against the region of NE Syria through bombing inhabited villages and areas along its border , in addition to drone attacks, despite the agreements and understandings of ceasefire sponsored by US and Russian federation which means that Turkey indifferent to the international laws and conventions and continue to destabilize the regional security and stability

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