Arresting 12 ISIS terrorists and thwarting a dangerous scheme to smuggle ISIS families

To Media and Public Opinion.

During the past period, especially after the threats launched by the Turkish occupation State against north and eastern Syria, ISIS terrorist cells increased their preparations to launch attacks in the region. Many terrorist cells driven by the occupied areas began to prepare to carry out terrorist attacks targeting civilians and to smuggle ISIS terrorist women detained in the al-Hol camp to the occupied areas.
Despite the threats of the Turkish Occupying State, our SDF, with the participation of the Internal Security Forces ISF, launched an operation to eliminate these cells in the al-Hasaka, al-Hol, Tal Hamis, Tal Brak, and Derik regions, arresting 12 terrorists and confiscating a quantity of ammunition, weapons, and military equipment:
1- 4 machine guns: AK-47- one quiver- 19 magazines- 300 rounds.
2- 2 pistols, 2 magazines, and 20 rounds.
3. 4 grenades.
4- One landmine in addition to a remote mine detonator (Cortex).
5- 18 mobile phone.
6- 10 ID cards.
7- 6 Passports.
The terrorist organization of ISIS is trying to take advantage of the threats lunched by the Turkish occupying State against north and eastern Syria, by reorganizing itself and undermining the security and stability of the region and its people. These cells are led and directed by its terrorist leaders located in the Turkish-occupied areas.
Although the Turkish occupying State has always sought various pretexts and excuses to justify its aggression against north and eastern Syria, yet in fact it aims at reviving the terrorist organization of ISIS in the region. Therefore, the public opinion and the international community must know this fact and take serious positions regarding it.

SDF Media Center
July 12, 2022

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