Arresting the spies involved in the martyrdom of the commander Susan Birhat and her comrades

Following a precise monitoring operation, our SDF Special Units arrested a spy ring for the Turkish occupation in the north and eastern Syria. It was consisting of three agents (a man and two women) who had recently worked on espionage activities.
Based on intelligence information and documents collected earlier and their confessions during the initial investigation, the spies had collected information and monitored the movements of Susan Birhat, a member of the SDF Military Council, in favor of the Turkish intelligence who launched a brutal air attack on August 19, 2021, causing the martyrdom of the Commander Sussan and her comrades in the Tal Tamir Military Council, the commander Ageed Gargy legy, the fighter Rubar Hasakeh, and the fighter Saefullah Ahmed, and the commander Reinas Roj, a member of the YPG Military Council.
The arrested spies, Y.A.S. (man), A.A.S. (woman), The spies are Y.A.S (male), A.A.S. (female), and R.H.H. (female), confessed to receiving instructions and orders from the Turkish occupation intelligence. Furthermore, they were about to conduct another intelligence mission, revealing more coordinates of the Turkish occupation.
Based on the confiscated documents and the criminals’ confessions, they were transferred to the competent judicial authorities to be brought to justice for their criminal acts.

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