Graduating a new course from Martyr Brusk Academy, Deir Ezzor

The Martyr Brusk Academy graduated, last Monday, a new military course entitled “Martyr Hussein al-Sayed” and included 145 fighters, The course lasted for 45 days during which the fighters received political and ideological lectures, in addition to military exercises on various types of light and medium weapons and on military plans and tactics.
Several SDF leaders attended the graduation ceremony that
began with a minute of silence for the martyrs’ souls, followed by a military parade of the graduated fighters, and then Sael Al-Zuba, an SDF commander, delivered a speech in which he congratulated the graduated fighters, praising their high morale during their training, and highlighted the importance of the training in raising the efficiency of the fighters.
The graduation ceremony was concluded with performing the military oath by the graduated fighters.

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