Martyr Sarbast Kobane Academy graduates its 21st course of Commandos

In the presence of the Raqqa Military Council and representatives from the AANES, the Academy of the Martyr Sarbast Kobane graduated on July 5, 2022, its 21st course for commandos
The course entitled “Martyr Ardal Zagrous”, included 142 fighters from different regions of NES, and lasted for 4 months during which the fighters have received political and ideological lectures and military training on various types of heavy and light weapons and on military tactics and plans.
The graduation ceremony started with a minute of silence for the martyrs’ souls followed by a military parade by the graduated fighters. The Leader Iman Muhammad delivered a speech in which she congratulated the fighters adding: “ We are going through difficult and challenging phase comparing the previous phases” al-Muhammed highlighted the importance of the resistance if confronting the terrorism and the occupation, and she urged the fighters to follow the path of the martyrs.
The graduation ceremony concluded with performing the military oath by the graduating fighters.

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