Martyrs’ Families in Al-Tabqa strongly denounce Turkish occupation recent attacks on NE Syria region

On July 28, martyrs’ families have strongly denounced the Turkish occupation recent attacks and violations against the people of NE Syria which resulted in civilian casualties and martyrdom of many SDF fighters who had a vital role in defeating ISIS.
The SDF Media Center has interviewed some mothers and wives of SDF martyrs in Al-Tabqa city where they have condemned the Turkish occupation repeated threats and attacks and confirmed their absolute support to the SDF forces in case of any Turkish occupation invasion.
” We are fully ready to stand by the SDF, confronting any attack against the free people of NE Syria ”
Furthermore, Families of SDF martyrs have demanded the international community to support the determination of the free people of NE Syria and confront the new Othman ambitions in the Syrian territories.
At the end , the families have also asked the international community to urgently impose a no fly zone over NE Syria region that could stop the Turkish occupation to carry out further drone attacks against humanity.
” The international community must stand with NE Syria societies and support their Self-determination rights, as well strengthen and maintain basics of Democracy ” the families concluded.

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