Mission No.3: to Yemen and Iraqi Kurdistan

In a new mercenaryism mission, Turkish intelligence has ordered its SNA mercenaries to reopen recruitment for a new military mission outside Syria.
The mission was called Mission No.3, whereas (Mission No.1) was in Libya, and (Mission No.2) was in Azerbaijan. All of these missions were outside Syria and under the direction of Turkish intelligence.
According to the copies of the contracts obtained by the SDF Media Center, The SNA mercenaries joining Mission No.3 will receive a monthly salary of $2,500 with an additional amount of money in the event of injury or murder.
According to an informed source, Turkish intelligence and the SNA mercenaries’ leaders have set two destinations in Mission No.3, the first is to Yemen to complete previous covert missions organized by Turkish intelligence, where 150 Syrian mercenaries were sent in 2020. The other is to the Iraqi Kurdistan Region to participate in the fight against the PKK fighters.
These mercenaries are due to undergo intensive military training in camps located near the Turkish Kilis, where batches from (Ahrar al-Sharqiya, Sultan Murad, and Suleiman Shah) mercenaries have already arrived, while the al-Shamia Front mercenaries refrained from participating in the new mission at present.
Despite three years of involvement in the Libyan war and the war against Armenia, it seems that the “mercenaryism card” has not yet ended, and the Turkish intelligence is keeping it to continue its subversive role in new countries and other potential external battles.
SDF Media Center
July 18, 2022

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