Our forces launch “The Operation Oath” to track down agents and spies

To Media and Public Opinion:

The Turkish occupying State is trying hard to strike the security and stability in Syria in general and in the north and eastern Syria in particular with an attempt to occupy more areas by destabilizing security and spreading chaos, using various malicious methods and means.
Therefore, it provides support, openly and secretly, to the terrorist organization ISIS by turning the occupied areas into safe heavens for the ISIS terrorists, helping them to reorganize and train their elements to launch terrorist attacks on our areas.
The killing of two leaders “Caliphs”
of ISIS, as well as many of its
senior leaders “Emirs” in the occupied areas are irrefutable proof that the Turkish occupying State is harboring and supporting ISIS. If those areas were not a safe haven, ISIS would not have taken it as a base.
Besides supporting ISIS, The Turkish occupying State, through its intelligence, intervened directly frantically in our regions intending to destabilize and create crises in our safe regions.

The Turkish occupying State and its intelligence worked extensively to create spy networks and agents and allocated a large budget. By establishing spy networks and agents, the Turkish occupying State seeks to undermine the trust of our people, and arouse suspicion and skepticism, keeping them away from their sacred societal values. On the other hand, it is trying to use these dirty ways to target our SDF leaders and fighters, members of the Internal Security Forces, and employees of the Autonomous Administration. These spy networks have caused the martyrdom of many of our comrades and well-known national and community figures.
To face this hostile dirty Turkish scheme, our SDF forces in cooperation with the ISF forces, have recently started a top-secret and highly professional operation to uncover the threads of this scheme. Following the continuous tracking and investigation process with several spy networks and agents, we came across documents proofing their involvement.
As part of this work, we in the SDF, have launched “Operation Oath” because we had taken an oath to uncover the perpetrators who caused the martyrdom of our great martyrs (Reinas Roj, Susan Birhat, and Aked Garki lagy) and hold them accountable.
On this basis, “The Operation Oath” began in the cities of “Qamishlo, Tal Tamir, al-Hasaka, Shadadi, Deir Ezzor, Raqqa, Manbij, and Kobane”, resulting in arresting 36 persons involved in espionage activities. Given that we have obtained a lot of hard evidence and documents that prove their involvement, they have only to admit their crimes. Investigations are still ongoing with a number of them.
These spy networks and agents have led to the martyrdom of many of our people and caused serious damage to our region. They were directly involved in the attack on Tal Tamir on August 19, 2021, which caused the martyrdom of our comrades Sussan Birhat, Akid Garki Lagy, Reinas Roj, and in other words, they caused the martyrdom of 6 of our comrades. They also caused the martyrdom of our comrade “Dalar Halap” and two of her comrades on April 20, 2022, in Kobane, and the spies who caused the martyrdom of comrade “Hajji” and his comrades on October 20, 2021, are now in our custody.
In addition, the spies who caused the martyrdom of 11 fighters of our SDF at various times in Deir Ezzor, as well as those who sent information, videos, and pictures to the Turkish occupying State, were arrested also during sporadic operations.
Following the investigation, some of the arrested spies were referred to the judicial institutions. While some others are still under interrogation. The spy networks were organized and supervised by persons who resided in the Turkish-occupied areas such as “Sri Kané/Ras al-Ain, Afrin, Jarablus, Al-Bab, and A’zaz” and in cities such as Mardin, Raha/Urfa, and Deluk/Gaziantep. Some of those involved in the spy networks were punished by “The Operation Oath”.
We in the SDF, have pledged to our martyrs to uncover the perpetrators involved in their martyrdom, and hold them accountable, and we have fulfilled our oath and promise, and our struggle will continue at a higher pace against all the malicious methods of the Turkish occupying State. The one who betrayed his land, his homeland, his people, and his society by becoming a spy for the Turkish occupation, sooner or later, will be held accountable and punished for his actions.
On this occasion, we call on our people, particularly in the north and eastern Syria, to be careful and fully vigilant of the special war of the Turkish occupying State and its agents, and to show the highest degree of cooperation with our security services; to protect the security and stability of our regions. Every citizen is supposed to be responsible for this sensitive issue affecting our security and to carry out his national and social duty. Our hope for our people is to trust and support their SDF. With this mechanism and this form, we will be able to thwart the enemy’s plots to occupy our areas, spread chaos and destabilize security, and we will protect them vigorously.


SDF General Command
July 31, 2022

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