The brigade of Martyr Qahreman in Al-Tabqa city develops capabilities of its fighter for any possible aggression

The SDF’s brigade of Martyr Qaherman in Al-Tabqa city is conducting intensive military training for its fighters , as a part of a continuous process to develop the military expertise and raise level of readiness in case of any emergency that could hit the sovereignty of NE Syria region or undermine security and stability.

These military exercises come at a time Turkish occupation escalates threats towards the region of NE Syria , where SDF confirms its responsibilities to protect the entire region of NE Syria, all components and ethnic groups in case of Turkish occupation possible aggression.

Roughly 100 fighters from the city of Al-Tabqa have received intensive military exercises including ideological and military training, where the military course was named Martyr Dyar Shahba course.

Through the continuous intensive military training, the SDF fighters have proven their ability to deal with any aggression and under whatever circumstances.

The Military brigades of the Syrian Democratic Forces are repeatedly conducting such military exercise to deliver an obvious messages for their full readiness to confront any attempts that could undermine the stability in NE Syria region.

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