The Outcome of the Security Operations against ISIS Cells in NE Syria During June 2022

Our SDF Counter-terrorism Units, enabled by the International Coalition forces, continue their security operations against ISIS cells in different areas in NE Syria.
Last June, our forces conducted 11 precise security operations, arrested 17 terrorists most of them were dangerous leaders who were funded by the Turkish backed-SNA in the occupied areas of Tal Abyad and Ras al-Ain, eliminated two others who were planning to carry out terrorist acts in some areas.
and confiscated large quantity of weapons and equipment.
The following is the outcome of security operations during June:
1- on May 30, sweep operation was conducted in Marcada town, southern countryside of al-Hasaka, resulted in arresting 4 terrorists including a dangerous Emir and confiscated a number of weapons and communications equipment: ” 3 Kalashnikov assault rifles, one gun, one shotgun, 2-night vision binoculars, one camera, 10 mobile phones, and one Wi-Fi router.
2- On June 8, arresting an ISIS terrorist who was responsible intelligence and recruiting terrorists.
The operation was conducted based on intelligence and precise tracking, raided the house where the terrorist was hiding in Raqqa city, arrested him, and confiscated communications equipment.
3- On June 12, our forces dismantled an ISIS funding cell in al-Hol town, eastern countryside of al-Hasaka.
The operation resulted in arresting three terrorists who were responsible for transferring funds financing the ISIS cells in al-Hassaka countryside and other areas in the north and eastern Syria.
4- On June 12, arresting a local ISIS leader in the northern countryside of Deir Ezzor.
The arrested was dangerous leader of an ISIS cell who was responsible intelligence, planning and conducting terrorist acts targeting service institutions and military and security forces in the region.
5- On June 17, our forces arrested an ISIS leader in Marcada town, north of Deir Ezzor.
The arrested terrorist was involved in using IEDs against the military and security vehicles in addition to conducting terrorist acts targeting military and security points in al-Hasaka and Deir Ezzor areas.
6- On June 19, arresting an ISIS local leader in al-Hijnah village, near al-Busayrah town.
the arrested terrorist was responsible for transporting and smuggling ISIS cell members.
7- On June 19, arresting a former ISIS leader in al-Jarneah village in al-Tapqa area. The operation was supported by the International Coalition forces.
the arrested terrorist was formerly involved in fighting alongside the ISIS against our forces, in addition, he was responsible fir manufacturing VBIEDs that used to target our forces at the frontlines during the Operations Against ISIS in 2019.
8- On 25 June, arresting an ISIS local leader in al-Busayrah town.
The arrested terrorist was responsible for transporting ISIS cell members, especially the suicide bombers, and supplying them with the weapons and equipment needed for committing terrorist acts in the countryside of al-Hasaka and Deir Ezzor and other areas in NE Syria.
Based on precise intelligence information, our forces raided the house of the terrorist and arrested him. By searching the house, our forces uncovered a weapon and IEDs cache, where machine guns, magazines and military uniforms were confiscated.
9- On 26 June, our forces arrested an ISIS leader who was formerly an Emir with ISIS and was involved in crimes of murder against civilians. Now, he is responsible for transporting ISIS cell members, IEDs, and motorcycles bomb to al-Hasaka city and other areas in NE Syria, in addition to smuggling families of some ISIS leaders from the al-Hol camp.
10- On 26 June, our forces arrested an ISIS cell in al-Jurzi town, eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor.
the arrested cell consisting of three terrorists who were responsible for recruting terrorists, levy taxes “Zakat”, and extorting the tribal leaders and the employees of the AANES, in addition to transporting the motorcycles bomb to the ISIS cells and facilitating their movement in the areas of NE Syria.
11- on June 29, conducting a security operation against an ISIS cell in Deir Ezzor countryside. Our forces besieged the terrorist cell and gave them the call to surrender, but they refused to answer the call and opened fire on our forces, and clashes erupted resulting in the elimination of two terrorists.
According to initial information, the terrorist cell was preparing to carry out terrorist acts in the al-Hasaka and its countryside.
Our Counter-terrorism operations continue in the region by the support of the International Coalition to ensure the enduring defeat of ISIS and maintain the safety and security of the region. We emphasize once again that The Turkish occupation’s continuous threats of launching a new aggression against our areas will negatively affect our fight against ISIS, in addition it will provide safe harbor for the other terrorist groups such as (Guardians of Religion and HTS) that they will organize terrorist cells in the NE Syria hot zones coming from the occupied areas by The Turkish occupation.

SDF Media Center
July 1, 2022

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