The Sacrifices of our Comrade, the Combat Medic Reinas, are priceless

Our forces continue to counter the aggressions of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries against various areas of the north and eastern Syria, thanks to the heroism of our fighters on all fronts.

The martyr “Reinas Ormari” was among our fighters who participated effectively in the battles to defeat the terrorist organization of ISIS, as well as in thwarting the attacks of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries through his work within the medical staffs. He was brave at the battles, rushed with his staff to help the wounded and evacuate them to medical points and hospitals. He showed a remarkable heroism in dealing with wounded fighters. He was a dedicated fighter and a man of revolutionary morals, and he was loved by his fellow comrades.

We reiterate our promise to our martyr Reinas and all our martyrs to keep struggling until achieving the goals for which they were martyred.
The martyr’s record:

Nom de guerre: Reinas Ormari
Real name: Abdul Razzaq Kamri
Date of birth: 1968
Mother’s name: Asia
Father’s name: Ahmed
Place and date of martyrdom: al-Hasaka, July 2, 2022

SDF Media Center
July 3, 2022

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