We Bow with Respect and Reverence for our Martyrs. The Killers will not get away with impunity

To Media and Public Opinion:

Our SDF forces continue to address the attacks of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries on north and eastern Syria, with unprecedented historical resistance and heroism, believing in their national and humanitarian duty to defend their people and protect their areas from various attacks affecting its security and stability.
Our fighters have proved their worth in the field, by thwarting the plots of the occupation and its mercenaries, and have shown a great deal of resistance to the extent that some of them have martyred reaching immortality. 
As usual and following its failed attacks the enemy has resorted to malicious tactics against our forces by conducting indiscriminate shelling with artillery, tanks, and drones.
The Turkish occupation has expanded its aggressions to most areas of north and eastern Syria. On July 25, our comrade Azad Ashuri, his real name of Qais Barkho Slevia, and comes from the Assyrian component in Mosul, martyred in a village in the Gri Spi/Tal Abyadl area after being targeted by a Turkish drone. Our martyr spent a long time fighting terrorism, and he participated in most campaigns against ISIS and in addressing the attacks of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries on our areas Our comrade has joined the ranks of our forces early, believing in the fairness of our cause and in the project of the democratic nation and the peoples brotherhood. 
Our comrade Kawa, the real name “Ahmed Hamid al-Hanish”, also joined the convoy of immortal martyrs on July 28 in the area of “Dhiban”, Deir Ezzor eastern countryside while he was on duty.
Our comrade Jarnas Hasaka, the real name “Rami Hammoud al-Hajju”, was martyred on July 30, due to artillery shelling by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries on the area of Zarkan/Abu Rasine. Our comrade Jarnas showed great resistance and unspeakable steadfastness in the confrontations with the Turkish occupation on various fronts.
Our comrade Mohammed Shaman, the real name “Mohammed Hassan Shaman”, has martyred, on July 29, during military exercises.
We extend our heartfelt condolences to the families of our four martyrs, all our martyrs’ families, and our people, and we reiterate our pledge to retaliate from the murderous enemies, and to follow the path of our martyrs until achieving victory and liberating the occupied territories.

The martyrs’ records are as follows:

1. Nom de guerre: Azad Ashuri
Real name: Qais Barkho Slevia
Mother’s name: Nasima
Father’s name: Barkho
Place and date of birth: Mosul
Place and date of martyrdom: Quronful village, Gry Spi/Tal Abyad, July 25, 2022


2. Nom de guerre: Kawa
Real name: Ahmed Hamid al-Hanish
Mother’s name: Rajiha
Father’s name: Hamid
Place and date of birth: Deir Ezzor, 1995
Place and date of martyrdom: Dhiban, Deir Ezzor, July 28, 2022

3. Nom de guerre: Jarnas Hasaka
Real name: Rami Hammoud al-Hajju
Mother’s name: Khasa
Father’s name: Hammoud
Place and date of birth: al-Hasaka, 1995
Place and date of martyrdom: al-Asadya, Zarkan/Abu Rasin, July 30, 2022

Nom de guerre: Mohammed Shaman
Real name: Mohammed Hassan Shaman
Mother’s name: Fatema
Father’s name: Hasan
Place and date of birth: Sirrin, 2002
Place and date of martyrdom:

SDF Media Center
July 31, 2022

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