We recall with reverence and respect our comrade Mizgeen Kobane and we pledge to retaliate

A Statement to media and public opinion:

The recalcitrant Turkish State is still targeting and attacking Rojava aiming at destroying the gains of the Revolution that were achieved by the blood of thousands of martyrs from our people and dozens of international martyrs who joined the Revolution from different countries around the world.
The Turkish State do not abide by the International laws and customs and it is against the freedom of the women. So, it is constantly targeting the women affiliated with the Rojava Revolution.
Recently, it showed its aggressive face against the free women.
We are the power that defend Rojava and north and eastern Syria, and we will not stand idly by while our Revolution is being targeted, and we will not budge an inch or retreat. Our decision is protecting the Revolution and its gains and expanding its impacts.
on July 2nd, the recalcitrant Turkish occupation State targeted with a drone the vehicle of Mizgeen Kobane, an SDF commander, resulting in her martyrdom and the injuring of two other comrades.
At the beginning, we express our heartfelt condolences to the martyr Mizgeen family, and we promise to defeat the occupation, protect the Revolution, and fulfill the dreams of our martyrs in free country, and we wish speedy recovery for our injured comrades.
The commander, Mizgeen Kobane, the real name “Siham Muslim”, early joined the Rojava revolution.
“Mizgeen Kobane” comes from the resistance city of Kobane, grew up in a national family, took her first steps in revolutionary life, and she grew up with a spirit of resistance and freedom embedded in her thought and deep faith. She never bowing her head to the occupiers, but putting all her mental and intellectual energies to promote free women, to become a symbol of the resistance woman and organizing it.
With this vital energy she enriched and decorated our struggle from Aleppo to Sri Kanih/Ras al-Ain. The experiences she gained in Aleppo, shared with her comrades and fighters in all the battles and fronts where she participated and demonstrated the revolutionary women fighting against the plots and schemes of the occupiers. With her open mind to life and revolution and by the philosophy of women’s liberation, fear and terror have been introduced into the hearts of the occupiers.
We in the SDF once again express our condolences to the family of our comrade Mizgeen, and we say to the occupying forces that our association with our martyrs is the force that will make us achieve the retaliation which is a revolutionary task that we carry on our shoulders. On this basis, we pledge to retaliate for our comrade Mizgeen and all our martyrs against the enemies of freedom and the struggling woman.
From the first day of joining the revolution until the day of martyrdom, Mizgeen did not hesitate to exert efforts in the struggle. We are the fighters and comrades of the martyr Mizgeen, we will continue our struggle with a spirit of revolution, and we will escalate the resistance to close the way in the face the occupiers. we have learned from our martyrs to protect our revolution that was quenched by the blood of our martyrs. In this period when enemies are attacking our people, our homeland and our revolution, we are all faith and conviction that our people, more than ever before, will carry out their national duties in accordance with the principle of the “Revolutionary People’s War” and organize their ranks, which is the guarantee of a free homeland.

The following is the Martyr’s record:

Nom de guerre: Mizgeen Kobane
Real name: Siham Muslim
Mother’s name: Amina
Father’s name: Ahmed
Date of Birth: Kobane/ 1990
Place and date of Martyrdom: Raqqa, July 2, 2022


The SDF Media Center
July 3, 2022

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