23 Turkish soldiers neutralized and 3 armored vehicles destroyed as a result of our legitimate defense operations

The Turkish occupation army has recently escalated its terrorist attacks on the regions of NE Syria using artillery shelling and UAV strikes, resulting in the martyrdom of our comrades and civilians.
Since the beginning of August, 7 civilians including 2 children were martyred, and 17 others including 10 children and 3 women were injured.

As a part of our right in the legitimate defense and retaliation, on August 8th, our forces conducted three effective and qualitative operations targeting the mobilization of the Turkish occupation along the border line adjacent to Mardin city, in addition to their tanks and armored vehicles that are used to shell our populated areas in NE Syria.

The operations are as follows:
The first operation targeted an armored vehicle belonging to the Turkish occupation and resulted in neutralizing 7 soldiers and 3 others were wounded and destroying the armored vehicle.

The second operation also targeted an armored vehicle resulting in neutralizing 10 Turkish soldiers and destroying the armored vehicle.

In the third operation, an armored vehicle was targeted, 6 Turkish soldiers were neutralized, and the armored vehicle was destroyed.

In total: 23 Turkish soldiers were neutralized and at least 2 others were wounded.
We, SDF, reiterate our pledge to our people and our martyrs that we will retaliate against any aggression by the Turkish occupation army.

SDF Media Center
August 11, 2022

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