A commemoration ceremony for 91-martyr in al-Hasaka

Hundreds of Al-Hasakah residents have participated in a commemoration ceremony for 91 martyrs who were martyred recently while defending NE Syria.

The commemoration ceremony was attended by members of the Martyrs’ Families Foundation, members of the Military Council in the Al-Jazeera region, families of martyrs, and many civil and military institutions.

The ceremony began with a minute of silence for the martyrs’ souls, followed by a speech delivered by Hussein Salmo, the commander of the al-Jazira Military Council,  in which he said: “We recall our martyrs and bow with respect for their greatness, those heroes have martyred while resisting the Turkish aggression and terrorism”

 “We are strong with our martyrs, their resistance, and the support of our people, and we will resist and fight on all fronts to defeat the occupation”, Salmo added,

Salmo stressed that they are ready with all military forces to confront the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries.
“We will turn our mothers’ tears into bullets in the enemy’s chest.” The SDF commander said

Salmo concluded his speech by renewing the covenant for the families of the martyrs to walk in their footsteps until the last drop of their blood.

Nada Abdullah gave a speech on behalf of the Martyrs’ Families Foundation where she said: “Today we remember 91 martyrs who sacrificed their lives for us and this land.”

Abdullah noted that we are facing a barbaric enemy, so we have to stand united in the face of the fascism”

The commemoration ceremony was concluded with a visual display of the life and struggle of all the martyrs of the month of July.


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