Amuda residents bid farewell to the five Self-defense martyrs

Thousands of Amuda residents bid farewell yesterday to the five self-defense martyrs, Ahmad Muhamed Qafour aka (Baran Amuda), Mahir Raka Mukhlef (Shorash Derbasyia), Mahmoud Ahmed Muslat ( Rony Jan), and Walid Hamid Hami (Baz Amuda), who were martyred due to a Turkish UAV strike in Sanjaq Sadoun village, Amuda district.
The funeral ceremony took place in the cemetery of the Martyr Ismael in Amuda, and it started with a minute of silence for the martyrs’ souls, followed by two speeches delivered by the spokespersons of the Amuda Military Council (Barkhwadan Amuda) and the Martyrs’ Families Council ( Muhammed Joly), in which they extended their condolences to the five martyrs’ families and all the martyrs of the freedom, and they promised to follow the path of the martyrs and retaliate against the Turkish occupation.
The funeral ceremony concluded by handing over the certificates of martyrdom to the families of the five martyrs.

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