Four Self-Defense Fighters Martyred due to Yesterday’s Turkish Aggressions

In a new aggression, A Turkish UAV targeted yesterday an outpost of our Self-defense forces in Amuda countryside, resulting in the martyrdom of four fighters and inuring several civilians while trying to evacuate the wounded. In addition, the Turkish occupation has escalated its shelling and aggressions on the heavy populated areas in Kobane and its countryside, resulting in the martyrdom of a child and inuring four other civilians, including women.
The daily escalated Turkish aggressions against the populated regions of NE Syria attest to the criminal nature of the Turkish occupation and its constant violations of all international laws and covenants that require a national and international stance to stop them and evict the occupation from the Syrian areas.
While we extend our heartfelt condolences to the martyr’s families, we confirm, once again, our legitimate right to defend our people and our land, and we reiterate our pledge to retaliate against the occupation with all military means available.

SDF Media Center
Aug. 17, 2022

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