NE Syria is a haven for those innocent people seeking safety

Since 2017 thousands of IDPs from the Syrian government-controlled areas live in the sprawling camp of Al-Mahmoudly located in Al-Tabqa city, NE Syria.

These families arrived in NE Syria fleeing the endless conflicts and the brutal war, searching for a safe place that was eventually provided by the Syrian Democratic Forces after they arrived at Al-Mahmoudly camp.
Nahar Al-Hamdo and his 5 children are one of the families that were displaced from the Talbisa region – Homs province. Now they are currently living in the Al-Mahmoudly camp.

Al-Hamdo told our reporter that his family found safety and security in the SDF-controlled area.

“Despite living in a tent that doesn’t protect us from the heat of summer and the cold of the winter, however; our dignity is preserved and we have been given all respect and good treatment.

Al-Hamdo pointed out that he had many options during the harsh journey of displacement, but he chose to live in the SDF- controlled areas.

” I refused to go to the Turkish occupied areas, such as A’ zaz, Al-Bab, and Jarablus because these regions are controlled by SNA criminals that kidnap people and kill innocent civilians for money,” he said.

Al-Hamdo indicated that NE Syria is one of the most stable and safe regions in Syria as a whole where the Syrian Democratic Forces managed to defeat terrorism and bring back safety and stability to the region that suffered from terrorism for years.



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