Our forces hold a series of meetings with dignitaries and sheiks of the Euphrates region

The member of the General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Chiya Furat, has held a series of meetings with the sheiks and dignitaries of the Raqqa, Tabqa, and Manbij tribes to inform the clans and public opinion about the latest developments regarding Turkish threats against our regions in NE Syria, and the recent understandings between the AANES and the Syrian government regarding mechanisms to confront the aggression, and to discuss the security situation and service challenges.

Furat stressed that the solidarity of our people with all its components and spectrums with the Syrian Democratic Forces, as well as the SDF’s preparations in terms of military and diplomacy are the most important steps that helped to deter the Turkish aggression, stressing that the forces will respond to any aggression with all available military means and capabilities, and will not hesitate to protect the people.

Jia Furat also noted the insidious methods that the occupation resorts to spreading strife and problems among the components of the region, especially through special war and the recruitment of agents and spies, stressing that their forces will pursue everyone who collaborates or work with the occupation, recalling the Operation Oath that succeeded to arrest many spies and agents.

On the other hand, the dignitaries and tribal sheiks affirmed their previous and firm positions to stand by the Syrian Democratic Forces in any decision they take to confront all threats, including the Turkish occupation, stressing the need for the clans to be involved in decisions related to protecting the region and confronting attacks.

At the end of the meeting, Jia Furat thanked the clans for their steadfast stances during the past period, rejecting the Turkish threats, stressing that the occupation had failed politically, militarily, and intelligence in confronting the determination of the components of NE Syria.

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