Raqqa people bid farewell to two martyrs in al-Hakoumiah cemetery

Raqqa people participated in the funeral ceremony of the two martyrs. The first martyr is affiliated with Tal Abyad Military Council, and he is called Hamad Khaled al-Allaj. The other martyr is from the Internal Security Forces, and he is called Osama Humaydi al-Jasim. The funeral ceremony took place in the al-Hakoumiah cemetery in Raqqa, and it was attended by the Raqqa Military Council and Raqqa civil institutions.
The funeral ceremony started with a minute of silence for the martyrs’ souls, followed by a speech delivered by Riad al-Khalaf, the commander of Tal Abyad Military Council, in which he extended his condolences on behalf of the Tal Abyad Military Council to the martyrs’ families to all martyrs’ families, promising to retaliate for them and to follow the path of the martyrs that they have paved with their sacred blood.
The funeral ceremony concluded with handing over the martyrdom certificate to the families of the two martyrs.

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