Revealing the names of the four school girls martyred in al-Hasaka due to Turkish aggression

The Education Committee of the AANES has published today a statement regarding the Turkish UAV strike on a school in the al-Hasaka countryside. The statement reads: “The Turkish occupying State has increased its aggressions against our regions, targeting the civil health and education centers, and it does not differentiate between military and civil centers.
The statement stated that a school was targeted last Thursday by a Turkish UAV, resulting in the martyrdom of four girls and 11 others injured. The school was assigned to underage girls who were excluded from the YPJ forces and was located in Shammuka village on the al-Hasaka-Tal Tamir road, only 2 km away from the base of the International Coalition.
It was opened following the Action Plan signed between the SDF and The UN, to rehabilitate underage girls and assimilate them into society. The first batch graduated on Jan. 19, 2022, and it was about 51 students.
The statement revealed the names of the four martyr girls: Rania Atta, Zozan Zaidan, Dilan Izzaddin, and Diana Allo
The statement concluded by condemning the criminal act which is contrary to the international laws and covenants, calling on the UN and all the international organizations concerned with children to put an end to the Turkish repeated crimes and violations.

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