Seven Turkish soldiers neutralized as a result of our legitimate response operations

To the Media and Public Opinion

The Turkish occupying state has escalated recently its aggressions against the regions of North and Eastern Syria. On August 16, it targeted the heavily populated neighborhoods of Kobane city, causing the martyrdom of a child and injuring four civilians. Furthermore, on the same day, a Turkish UAV targeted an outpost belonging to the Self-Defense Forces in the Amuda countryside, resulting in the martyrdom of five fighters, and injuring several civilians while trying to evacuate the wounded fighters. In retaliation to these aggressions, our forces have conducted three effective operations against the Turkish occupying army in the border cities of Riha, Dilok, and Mardin.

In the first operation, six Turkish occupying soldiers who were operating a T-155 howitzer gun were targeted near to the Chicekalan garrison in the Berejuk district, Riha province. According to initial information, six soldiers of the Turkish occupying army were killed, including a commander and an intelligence member, in addition to several injuries, but there is no information about the number of injuries. The operation also resulted in destroying an ammunition depot.

The second operation targeted the Koprubati base in the Karkamish district, Dilok province. However, no accurate information is available regarding the result of this operation.

The third operation targeted A (BMC Kirpi) vehicle in the bordering city of Mardin, resulting in neutralizing one soldier and injuring three others.

In total seven soldiers of the Turkish occupying army were killed, and at least three others were injured as a result of the three successful operations.
Our forces will continue the retaliation operations against the repeated aggressions of the Turkish occupying army.

SDF Press Center
Aug. 18, 2022

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