Statement regarding the false claims of the Turkish Occupying State

To the Media and Public Opinion:

Besides its recent escalated aggressions against NE Syria, the Turkish Occupying State is publishing false and fabricated news about our forces. It systematically targets our people, claiming through its media that they were our forces and publishing numbers far from reality regarding the martyrs and victims. For instance, the Defense Ministry of the Turkish Occupying State has published fake news claiming that its recent attacks have resulted in the martyrdom of more than /100/ SDF fighters.
In the frame of our legitimate self-defense, we announce, on an almost daily basis, the results of all our operations against the Turkish occupying army, yet the Turkish Occupying State tries to hide its crimes against civilians claiming that they were SDF fighters. Therefore, most of the recent Turkish attacks were targeting our people and resulted in the martyrdom of 7 civilians, including 5 children, and 27 others were injured, including 17 children. Therefore, our people and the public opinion should be aware of this false and fabricated news published by the Turkish Occupying State aiming at obliterating the facts.

SDF Media Center
Aug. 19, 2022

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