The outcome of the first three days of Operation Security and Humanity

For the third day in a row, the Internal Security Forces (ISF) of NE Syria, with the support of the SDF and the international coalition against ISIS, continue the second phase of the Operation Security and Humanity in the al-Hol camp to hunt down the ISIS terrorist cells, drain the bloody swamp and ISIS enabling environment, and save the residents from ISIS terrorism.
Day one:
The ISF has swept part of Phase 1 and inspected the personal IDs and documents of the residents.
Day two:
four trenches were uncovered and backfilled in Phase 1. ISIS cells used to hide and lay low in these trenches.
In addition, 27 terrorists affiliated with ISIS cells were arrested.
Day three:
Demolishing 33 tents were used by ISIS as classes for ISIS extremist ideology courses and as ISIS courts for imposing punishments on people who do not abide by ISIS extremist ideology.
It is noteworthy that On August 25th, the ISF announced launching the second phase of Operation Security and Humanity, which will last until achieving its goals of eliminating ISIS terrorist cells and bringing security to the camp.

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