The Syriac Military Council announces two of its fighters martyed and pledges to continue resistance

The Syriac Military Councils issued yesterday a statement to the public opinion confirming that the Syriac and Assyrian people were and are still standing with their country people in Syria, fighting the most terrorist organization of ISIS and its other affiliates organizations, defeating them in their hotbeds in Raqqa and Baguz.
The statement noted that the price was a convoy of martyrs who did not hesitate to defend their land and people, sacrificing their pure blood for their country.
The statement also noted that the fighters of the Syriac Military Council were among the pioneering fighters confronting the Turkish aggressions against Tal Abyad and Ras al-Ain in NE Syria, sacrificing their lives for defending the gains achieved by the blood of the martyrs.
“Two of our fighters have been martyred while on duty defending their region against the recent Turkish aggressions on the regions of NE Syria that caused massive life losses among our civilians and fighters,” the statement added.
“The enemies continue violating the international law and the UNSCRs by shelling daily the populated areas on border strip that caused life losses, infrastructure damages, and displacement of thousands of civilians,” the statement noted.
The Council concluded its statement by pledging to put an end to the massacres committed by the Turkish occupation.


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