They were our SDF true heroes who loved their land and were beloved by their people

To the media and public opinion:

Today marks the first anniversary of the martyrdom of the members of the SDF military council, Sawsan Birhat and Renas Roj, and three other comrades due to Turkish airstrikes on the military relation headquarter in Tal Tamr city.
While we recall our heroic martyrs on the first anniversary of their martyrdom, we reiterate our pledge to them and our people to retaliate for their pure blood by escalating, with resolve, the legitimate military response against the occupation and terrorism.

Our SDF forces were the pioneering revolutionary force, protecting our multi-ethnic community, ensuring safety and stability in NE Syria, providing sacrifices for the sake of people’s freedom, and repelling the systematic attacks of the Turkish occupying state and its mercenaries.

The two SDF commanders Sawsan and Rinas along with their comrades were among the true heroes of our SDF forces beloved by their people. They dedicated their entire life to protecting the region against all attacks until they lost their lives due to a treacherous terrorist attack conducted by the Turkish occupation and its spies.

The martyrdom of our comrades has given us an additional motivation to hunt down the traitors and spies of the occupation.

On this basis, our forces have launched “Operation Oath” to hunt down the spies and agents affiliated with the Turkish occupying State, this successful operation has resulted in arresting many spies including those involved in the martyrdom of the commander Sawsan and her comrades.

In accordance with the wishes of our people and to fulfill our pledge to our martyrs, we insist to continue “Operation Oath” to drain the swamp of treachery, and we reiterate once again our resolve to impose the most severe punishments on the traitors.

No doubt the martyrdom of our comrade Sawsan and her comrades was so tragic and a big loss, yet, they will remain immortal in the hearts of all our fighters.

We are certain that our people will honor their martyrs by abiding by the martyrs’ values ​​and gains made by their blood and standing with our forces in their legitimate struggle to prevent the enemy and its agents from achieving their goals.

SDF General Command
Aug. 19, 2022

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