Two civilians martyred and eight others injured due to Turkish UAV strikes on Tal Rifa’t town, north Aleppo

Today afternoon, the Turkish occupation targeted with UAVs the Tal Rifa’t town, heavily populated with Afrin IDPs.
The airstrikes resulted in the martyrdom of two civilians and injuring eight others. The two martyrs are The 22-year-old woman Fatema Osman Ma’mo and the 28-year-old man Rashid Aliko. The names of injured civilians are Samir Abdulkadir Rasho (31 yrs), Adham Rashid Hannan (54 yrs), Mannan Rashid (57 yrs), Husin Murad Qrukey (31), Akid Fakhry Rasho (32 yrs), Zuhair Abdulrahman Muhammed (36 yrs), and two others injured whose names are still unidentified. The injured were immediately transported to Tal Rifa’t Hospital for treatment.
According to special sources inside Tal Rifa’t, the attack targeted the main market in the town. One of the martyrs was in a car accessories shop, getting prepared for his wedding today.
The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries are continuously shelling the Tal Rifa’t town and most of the al-Shahba’a areas which are inhabited by Afrin IDPs who were earlier forcibly displaced following the Turkish aggression on Jan. 20, 2018.
Following the attack, a Syrian-Russian joint patrol headed to the site of the airstrike, yet no statements were released.
In conjunction with the daily brutal Turkish shelling on the al-Shahba’a areas, the Syrian regime forces (Forth Division) have imposed a stifling blockade on the al-Shahba’a areas and the neighborhoods of the al-Sheikh Maksoud and Ashrafia. For the third day in a row, they prevent entering the fuel and the flour to the bakeries, increasing the suffering of the people who have been living in blackout for two nights.


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