Two of our fighters and one civilian martyred in the Qamishlo countryside

To Media and Public Opinion:

Today at 5:10 p.m., while two of our fighters were in a taxi on their way back to their outpost coming from furlough, they were targeted by a Turkish UAV near the village of Milli Sibat, resulting in the martyrdom of our two fighters (Dijwar Kobane & Cheya Qamishlo) in addition to the taxi driver Adeeb Yusuf.
The Turkish occupation has escalated recently the brutal attacks and violations against the border areas that are subjected to daily attacks using artilleries, tanks, and UAVs, targeting not only our fighters but also the civilians.
Within the context of legitimate self-defense, we will repel these aggressions and retaliate for our martyrs.

SDF General Command
August 10, 2022

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