We Bow with Respect and Reverence for our Great Martyrs ..We pledge to retaliate for their Sacred Blood

Statement to our people and public opinion:

The Turkish Occupying State continues its crimes and
massacres using heavy artillery and drone strikes against the civilians and
their properties in NE Syria, breaching international laws by targeting
heavy populated cities and villages, and violating the sovereignty of a UN member
Yesterday night (August 7), a Turkish drone targeted a
civilian car in the al-Sina’a Neighbourhood in Qamishlo resulted in the
martyrdom of our comrades (Rokhaz Amuda), in addition to three civilians
including two children, and others injured.
Our comrade Rokhaz was a shining example of
disciplined fighter and comradeship, giving hope to his comrades, and urging them
to continue ideological and military training to become strong fighters. He was
a robust fighter in the face of enemies.

This brutal Turkish aggression and other aggressions against our areas wouldn’t have happened without the condoning of the two guarantors of the Ceasefire Agreement. US and Russia are primarily responsible for these Turkish aggressions, for they have the power to curb the crimes of the Turkish Occupying State against our people. In addition, the international community should put pressure on the Turkish occupying State, putting an end to its violations and crimes, and forcing it to withdraw from the Syrian territory.
We extend our heartfelt condolences to the family of our martyr Rokhaz Amuda, all our martyrs’ families, and our people, and we wish speedy recovery for the wounded, and we pledge to retaliate for their sacred blood.
The Martyr’s Data:

Nom de guerre: Rokhaz Amuda
Real name: Mazkum Saadeddin As’ad
Mother’s name: Hadyah
Father’s name: Saadeddin
Place and date of birth: Amuda, 1989.
Place and date of martyrdom: Qamishlo, al-Sina’a neighborhood, August 6, 2022


SDF Media Center
August 7, 2022

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