A Joint Security Operation in the al-Hol Town

Our SDF Counter-terrorism Units and the International Coalition forces conducted a joint security operation in the eastern part of the al-Hol town located beside the al-Hol camp where the Operation Humanity & Security is currently taking place to secure the camp.
The operation resulted in arresting two wanted men who were responsible for facilitating the money transferring process between ISIS cells, in addition; they were affiliated with top tier ISIS leaders.
Based on precise intelligence information, our forces raided and searched the houses and the money-transfer office of the two terrorists and confiscated documents and equipment that were in their possession.
This operation is coinciding with the Operation Humanity & Security, and it is part of the continuous efforts exerted by our SDF and the International Coalition to drain the sources of ISIS’ funds to ensure the enduring defeat of ISIS and maintain the safety and security of the region.

SDF Media Center
September 11, 2022

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