Arresting an ISIS collaborator in al-Hasaka City

The SDF Special Units, enabled by the International Coalition forces, have conducted a security operation in al-Qamishli street in al-Hasaka city.
The operation targeted the house of a wanted man in al-Qamishli street in al-Hasaka and his money-transfer office located in al-Mufti neighborhood. The arrestee was responsible for facilitating the funding of ISIS cells and their leaders in the regions of NE Syria.
Smart tabs and electric equipment were confiscated.
This operation is coinciding with the Operation Humanity & Security taking place in the al-Hol camp, plus its is part of the continuous efforts exerted by our SDF and the International Coalition to drain the sources of ISIS’ funds to ensure the enduring defeat of ISIS and maintain the safety and security of the region.

SDF General Command
September 6, 2022


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