Joint Press Conference of our SDF Command with the Command of Combined Joint Task Force of the International Coalition

The SDF General Command of the Command of the CJTF of the International Coalition held a joint press conference on Saturday in al-Hol camp.
Brigadier General Claude Tudor, Commanding General of Combined Special Operations Joint Task Force – Levant, praised the efforts and success of the forces participating Operation Humanitarian and Security 2 to clear the al-Hol camp from ISIS cells, and he confirmed their continuous support for the SDF to prevent ISIS from resurgence.
Tudor highlighted the role of their SDF partners in making the al-Hol camp a safer environment in which humanitarian organizations can operate safely.
In addition, he also highlighted the role of the Coalition forces in support, advise and assist the SDF and Asayish forces during the operation, and he pointed to the vigilance of those forces and their efforts to eliminate ISIS terrorism and dismantle many of its sleeper cells in the camp.
Tudor referred to the recent visit of the commander of the US Central Command, General Kurilla, to the al-Hol camp, reiterating that there is no military solution for the camp issue, but requires that each country should repatriate its nationals and integrate them into their communities.
He pointed to the need to provide humanitarian assistance to the residents of the al-Hol camp to enhance the ability of the Autonomous Administration to impose security and stability in its areas.
Tudor said that our mission is to provide support to our partners in the SDF so they can contain and defeat of ISIS without external assistance to sustain safe and secure IDP camps, and we request all countries with nationals in the camp to repatriate them and provide humanitarian assistance continuously, in order to improve security conditions in the camp, and enable humanitarian organizations to improve the quality of life and ensure every human is treated with diginity.
Th member of the SDF General Command, Nowruz Ahmed, said, “First of all, we bow with respect and reverence for the martyrs of the operation and all the other martyrs who were martyred while fighting the ISIS terrorism.”
She stressed that the al-Hol camp had become a threat to the whole world and that it was necessary to launch a the operation to clear it from the terrorist and criminal elements and to bring security and stability.
She explained that the operation has achieved great results, by eliminating the threat posed by sleeper cells in the camp, pointing out that the international community is required to provide the necessary support to eliminate the threat of the terrorist organization.
She also pointed out that their forces, the Autonomous Administration, and the administration of the al-Hol camp, have performed their duties to the fullest and will continue their efforts to put an and to the threat of ISIS.
Ahmed recalled the six martyrs who were martyred in conjunction with Operation Humanity and Security 2, and stressed that the campaign against ISIS cells was continuing in other areas, especially in Deir Ezzor.

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