Operation Humanity & Security 2- The YPJ liberate a Yazidi woman in the Al-Hol camp

On August 3, the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) managed to liberate an 18-year-old Yazidi woman from the al-Hol camp during Operation Humanity & Security 2 launched against ISIS sleeper cells in the camp.

The Yazidi woman is called Wafaa Ali Abbas and was born in the village of “Kocho” / Shingal region; She and her sister were among the thousands of Yazidi girls and women kidnapped by ISIS when they attacked the Yazidi religious minority in the Shingal area on August 3, 2014. Wafaa was only 9-year-old at that time.

“ISIS members took us first to Mosul, then we were transferred to Raqqa where we had been repeatedly raped, enslaved, and sold out in slave markets,” Waffa said.

The two Yazid sisters were separated in Raqqa, and they were enslaved by two different ISIS terrorists.
” Despite the fact that she was deaf, my sister was sold out and enslaved by an ISIS member.” she added.

Wafaa was enslaved repeatedly by ISIS members. “The first terrorist had enslaved me for 15 days before he sold me to another one. After a series of marriages, I got married to the seventh one when I arrived at the camp.” She said.

Waffa was detained by ISIS sleeper cells in the camp.

In the end, Waffa said:” the Women’s Protection Units YPJ helped me and managed to free me during Operation Humanity & Security, and now I would like to return to my hometown in Kocho and reunite with my family.

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